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All collars  are made to order.  Each listing has the sizes of the collars available,  so please be sure to your pups neck to make sure that the collar you want will fit! All fabric options are limited so if you see one you love, snag it while it's still around!

All items are shipped First Class with Tracking for $3.50 within 14 days of ordering. I usually try to get to the post office on Tuesday and Friday each week.


Should the collar you ordered not fit, please let me know ASAP. I do accept returns, however, if you measure your pups neck prior to ordering this should not be an issue. On the off chance, it was mismeasured, ordered wrong, etc. please let me know so I can give you info on sending it back to me for a replacement.


We do offer a 1 year warranty on your pups new collar! Our warranty covers any accidental rips, tears, breaks, etc. If you have multiple pups and one tears the others collar during playtime or otherwise, let me know. I will replace your damaged collar half price. This covers our material and time reconstructing for you.

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