Teal Biothane 1" strap with fabric handle for comfort. Secured with rivets and stitches for strength.

    Created by hand, this leash is strong yet lightweight. 


    Beta is a soft coating that has the look and feel of leather. It has a low gloss or dull appearance. It is soft and very flexible. The leather embossing gives it the leather look. It will hold its flexibility in very cold weather. 

    Care Instructions:
    We highly recommend hand washing your collars to avoid scratches, nicks, or other damage to the gorgeous hardware! If you would like to further protect your pups collar, spray some water deterrant on it when you receive it to help protect from stains and other outdoor oddities (You know as well as I do, dogs tend to find the stinkiest, smelliest, nastiest thing to roll in and come back smiling). Be sure to lie flat to dry!

    All products shipped from R+L have been tested on our own & other friends/families pups!
    Our collars are meant for pretty & unique and not for pups who pull or are a stronger breed. We highty recommend using a harness when walking your pup.

    Trout Adventure Biothane Leash RTS


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