• Welcome to the build a box listing! In the box you receive the following for a discounted price (Reps, your code will not work on this listing as it's already deeply discounted!) 


    Collar of your choice (i will also list a spot for second choice in the possibility the fabric sells out before your order)

    Coordinating ID Tag (I will choose or design a tag that coordinates with the collar ordered)

    Accessory  Collar Flower, Bowtie, Bandana or Waste Bag Holder

    T-Shirt The two options for the shirt are "My Dog and I Talk Shit About You" or "I May Not Judge You, But My Dog Might"


    Value of Build Your Box is $65-75

    Your Price is $50



    Build A Box Gift Set

    Shirt Size
    Accessory Choice
    Collar Size
    • You will have the choice of one of our two tee options: PLEASE LET US KNOW IN THE NOTES AREA OF CHECKOUT WHICH DESIGN YOU PREFER:

      "My Dog And I Talk Shit About You" or "I Won't Judge You, But My Dog Might"

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