Like Most of the World...R+L is making masks.

Our story started just a little over a month ago. my friend and cousin, Karrie, and I were talking about putting our love of sewing to use and with everything really beginning to get real in our part of the country, we answered a call out from our local hospital, Deaconess, across the river in Evansville. We started with what we had : a few rolls of elastic we either bought before the shortage, or whatever we found in our personal stash. We had our own stashes of fabric that were not really being used for much at the moment and snagged some super cheap fat quarters from the store. What we didn't expect? The community of support. In 4 short weeks, we have done radio and TV interviews, had teenagers cutting fabric, creating DIY mask sewing kits for those who can sew but didn't have the materials, distributing over 6000 masks locally as well as to places in Georgia, Chicago and NYC. We put R+L on hold for a few weeks and focused solely on mask making. Our thank you to everyone who has been there for us, cheering us on, supporting us from the get go is posted below. We appreciate you all.

Three of the four teenagers who spent countless hours putting DIY mask kits together. Morgan, Brenna + Drew (not pictured Clide)

if you purchased a hand made mask...

the fabric has a story....and our community of fabric lovers delivered in spades. there are those who have been holding on to their fabric for years, maybe they were waiting for that perfect time to make that perfect piece. they chose this. they chose to share something they loved to make sure you stay safe & healthy.

to our medicals, other front liners & hunker-downers: your life matters to us, so we sew for you.

we are tired. we have band-aids in multiple places on our hands and arms, iron burns, completely wrecked craft spaces, hundreds of mask requests per day...yet we keep going. we do this because with every stitch of every mask we make, we are doing our part to keep you safe. with each completed mask, we send our love, faith, hope and prayers that we will win this battle. without you, we would fail. you are the true heroes and we are truly honored to help any way we can.

we smile when we see you wearing one of our masks. we will remember when we made the first cut of the fabric. we will take pride in knowing that our craft was able to help keep you and your loved ones safe.

making masks has helped us too. it has been a family affair. our children have joined us in our mission and we are all learning what it means to be good, kind, and decent humans in a time of such confusion and unease. we are savoring these moments, as they are learning valuable life lessons.

this pandemic is like something we have never seen before in our lifetime.

with each mask we send out, we hope that you can see the strength of our community coming together to provide a service when we all needed it most. hope is an amazing thing, and during all that has happened, we are filled with hope and faith daily knowing that no matter what, we will come out stronger than we ever were.


to the company who kept us stocked in elastic when there was none, who is now also making masks for those in need. to those who donated fabric, elastic, scissors, etc. we could not have done any of this without your help and support. to the seamstresses who have not sewn since junior high home ec and pulled out older, dusty machines and watched youtube videos to learn to make masks. to the younger crowd, who just learned to sew in 4-H who pulled out their machines and taught their moms, dads, brothers or sisters how to sew and give back. to the group of teenagers who put together enough mask kits to distibute enough material to our army of seamstresses to create over 2000 masks. to the teenager who learned how to print 3-d face shields for our medical community because he wanted to do his part. to the makers who put their businesses on hold to start sewing masks instead. to our army of seamstresses: guys. you guys have made us cry so many times with your enthusiasm to pick up mask kits and deliver them back completed for distribution. you guys are the backbone of our mission. without you, henderson moms making masks wouldn’t be what it has become.

henderson, ky

henderson moms making masks

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