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Where to begin? It all started in May 2017.  We had recently lost one of our Brittany Spaniels and started a new "puppy fund." A good friend of mine had a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Fergus. Obviously, we all loved the Ferg so we decided to check into the breed. Well....after a little while of looking we came across our Remi. Our little hardheaded spitfire with no regard for rules, personal space or anything that does not belong to him. He has not changed a bit.

Fast forward to October 2017. We were headed home from vacation and I saw a posting on Facebook from a gal rehoming her Blenheim Cavalier, surprisingly the same age as Remi! We went to meet Lola the next day and we are. Lola is THE MOST loving, sweet, snuggly pup I have ever met and the perfect companion for Remi.

In August, 2018, we added a new edition to our growing pack: Clover, a super tiny, super sweet little ruby cavalier. She is proving to be the most mischievous of all! She is a fearless little girl, constantly wrestling and playing chase with Remi and forever snuggling with Lola.

Let's keep going : we rescued Cora in January 2020, in hopes for her to become a service dog for our daughter. Sadly, Cora only has 1/2 of a braincell that she tries to use way more often than not. But she is THE BESTEST girl and loves to think she's one of the cavaliers and sit ON you when you least expect it. She is essentially a 95 lb. lap dog. We call her an honorary cavalier, a cavador.

Lastly, we have Chevy. He was the product of an OOPSIE between Remi + Clover. He came into this world hollering and hasn't stopped. He is the piece that completes this crazy chaotic crew of ours. He loves to jump on the kitchen table and our countertops then cries when he can't jump down. He's ALWAYS in the mood to play, tattle, and eat. Life is definitely more fun with him involved.

As you probably figured, I went batshit crazy buying shirts, collars, harnesses, bowties, and everything else for them because they are just SO CUTE. Well. Once I figured out how much I was spending on these little knuckleheads, I figured it would be cheaper to learn how to make them myself! 

As a graphic designer by day, and crafter every other minute of every day, I figured how hard could it be eh? I started small : Custom Printed Dog Tags

I absolutely LOVE offering hand lettered tag designs to coordinate with the collars I make custom for your pup. I am also a font designer & calligrapher, mostly known as On The Spot Studio/Ink and Teal.

Remi + Lola was born from my love of crafting, creating, my pups, and something for me to do to give back to these sweet animals that make our lives complete. Thank you for visiting us!


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